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"I find only freedom in the realms of eccentricity."

David Bowie

"There’s a freedom to being young that is harder to come by as time goes on. "

Dave Matthews

"I believe we are on an irreversible trend toward more freedom and democracy – but that could change. "

Dan Quayle

"People don’t realize what’s really going on in this country. There are a lot things that are going on that are unjust. People aren’t being held accountable for. And that’s something that needs to change. That’s something that this country stands for: freedom, liberty and justice for all. "

Colin Kaepernick

"People are dying in vain because this country isn’t holding their end of the bargain up as far as, you know, giving freedom and justice and liberty to everybody."

Colin Kaepernick

"No phone. No pool. No pets. No cigarettes. Ultimate freedom… No longer to be poisoned by civilization, he flees, and walks alone upon the land to become Lost in the Wild."

Christopher McCandless

"I only ask to be free. The butterflies are free. "

Charles Dickens

"Freedom is relative."

Billy Graham

"I don’t have freedom in the United States to go into a public school and preach the Gospel, nor is a student free in a public school to pray, or a teacher free to read the Bible publicly to the students. At the same time, we have a great degree of freedom for which I am grateful."

Billy Graham

"The framers of our Constitution meant we were to have freedom of religion, not freedom from religion."

Billy Graham

"Freedom comes only to those who no longer ask of life that it shall yield them any of those personal goods that are subject to the mutations of time."

Bertrand Russell

"Freedom of opinion can only exist when the government thinks itself secure."

Bertrand Russell

"We are faced with the paradoxical fact that education has become one of the chief obstacles to intelligence and freedom of thought."

Bertrand Russell

"Without freedom of thought, there can be no such thing as wisdom – and no such thing as public liberty without freedom of speech."

Benjamin Franklin

"The Obama administration has been curtailing press freedom – but that hasn’t ended the press’ drool-cup worship for their beloved president."

Ben Shapiro

"President Obama’s respect for the Constitution does not extend to freedom of religion – his administration has forced religious businessowners to pay for insurance plans that cover activities in violation of religious precepts."

Ben Shapiro

"The Obamacare contraception mandate was never about freedom. It was always about pitting secularism against religion, and using the power of government to sponsor secularism."

Ben Shapiro

"Freedom of speech and thought matters, especially when it is speech and thought with which we disagree. The moment the majority decides to destroy people for engaging in thought it dislikes, thought crime becomes a reality."

Ben Shapiro

"So long as you do not achieve social liberty, whatever freedom is provided by the law is of no avail to you."

B. R. Ambedkar

"Satisfaction consists in freedom from pain, which is the positive element of life."

Arthur Schopenhauer

"A man can be himself only so long as he is alone, and if he does not love solitude, he will not love freedom, for it is only when he is alone that he is really free."

Arthur Schopenhauer

"Freedom is a right ultimately defended by the sacrifice of America’s servicemen and women."

Arnold Schwarzenegger

"I know but one freedom, and that is the freedom of the mind."

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

"Freedom is the right to live as we wish."


"The Divine Plan is one of Freedom.The inherent nature of man is ever seeking to express itself in terms of freedom,because freedom is the birthright of every living soul."

Ernest Holmes

"Who speaks of liberty while the human mind is in chains?"

Francis Wright

"Freedom is the will to be responsible to ourselves."


"Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth."

George Washington

"???Freedom has its life in the hearts, the actions, the spirit of men and so it must be daily earned and refreshed – else like a flower cut from its life-giving roots, it will wither and die.?"

Dwight D. Eisenhower

"Freedom is not an unlimited license, an unlimited choice, or an unlimited opportunity. Freedom is first of all a responsibility before the God from whom we come."

Alan Keyes

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