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"A propensity to hope and joy is real riches; one to fear and sorrow real poverty. "

David Hume

"The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun. "

Christopher McCandless

"It is the experiences, the great triumphant joy of living to the fullest extent in which real meaning is found. God it’s great to be alive!"

Christopher McCandless

"The revealed Word awakened me, but it was the preached Word that saved me, and I must ever attach peculiar value to the hearing of the truth, for by it I received the joy and peace in which my soul delights. "

Charles Spurgeon

"The exercise of benevolence is joy to loving hearts: the more pain it costs, the more joy it is. Kind actions make us happy, and in such joy we find communion with the great heart of Jesus. "

Charles Spurgeon

"Let not a libation of tears be the only offering at the shrine of Jesus; let us also rejoice with joy unspeakable. If we have need to lament our sin, how much more to rejoice at our pardon!"

Charles Spurgeon

"After many years of great mercy, after tasting of the powers of the world to come, we still are so weak, so foolish; but, oh! when we get away from self to God, there all is truth and purity and holiness, and our heart finds peace, wisdom, completeness, delight, joy, victory. "

Charles Spurgeon

"When we tell the story of our own conversion, I would have it done with great sorrow, remembering what we used to be, and with great joy and gratitude, remembering how little we deserve these things. "

Charles Spurgeon

"Real joy seems to me almost as unlike security or prosperity as it is unlike agony. "

C. S. Lewis

"I sometimes wonder whether all pleasures are not substitutes for joy. "

C. S. Lewis

"Joy is the serious business of Heaven."

C. S. Lewis

"I’ve learned that men and women who are living wholehearted lives really allow themselves to soften into joy and happiness. They allow themselves to experience it."

Brene Brown

"I spent a lot of years trying to outrun or outsmart vulnerability by making things certain and definite, black and white, good and bad. My inability to lean into the discomfort of vulnerability limited the fullness of those important experiences that are wrought with uncertainty: Love, belonging, trust, joy, and creativity to name a few."

Brene Brown

"Whoever loves above all the approach of love will never know the joy of attaining it."

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

"Optimists find joy in small things. They enjoy sunsets, a good conversation with a close friend; and they enjoy life in general. They are more concerned with having many small joys rather than having one huge joy."

Robert M. Sherfield

"Joy is not in things; it is in us."

Richard Wagner

"Joy descends gently upon us like the evening dew, and does not patter down like a hailstorm."

Jean Paul Richter

"The only joy in the world is to begin."

Cesare Pavese

"Short is the joy that guilty pleasure brings."


"This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being thoroughly worn out before you are thrown on the scrap heap; the being a force of Nature instead of a feverish selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy."

George Bernard Shaw

"Joy is not a commodity to be hoarded and protected. It is like a muscle. It must be used daily to keep strong and vigorous."

Laura Moncur

"The joy of a spirit is the measure of its power."

Ninon de LEnclos

"Who is the happiest of men? He who values the merits of others, and in their pleasure takes joy, even as though t’were his own."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Joy lies in the fight, in the attempt, in the suffering involved, not in the victory itself."

Mahatma Gandhi

"People come and go, pain comes and goes. But so does joy. And if our hearts are closed because we don’t want to suffer, they won’t be open enough to recognize the joy as it flies by."

Geneen Roth

"Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed."

Storm Jameson

"We either make ourselves happy or miserable. The amount of work is the same."

Carlos Castaneda

"Resolve to keep happy and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties."

Helen Keller

"Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day."

Henri Nouwen

"Happiness does not depend on outward things, but on the way we see them."

Leo Tolstoy

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