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"There are only two styles of portrait painting; the serious and the smirk. "

Charles Dickens

"Comedy is the one absolutely self-aware art form. Actually, hip-hop’s another one, I suppose. Because in your songs you’re talking about how good a hip-hop artist you are. It’s like a painter painting a panting of himself painting a painting."

Bo Burnham

"Painting is the passage from the chaos of the emotions to the order of the possible."


"Painting calmed the chaos that shook my soul."

Niki de St. Phalle

"Painting does what we cannot do – it brings a three-dimensional world into a two-dimensional plane."

Chuck Jones

"Painting is the frozen evidence of a performance."

Chuck Close

"Painting contains a divine force which… makes the dead seem almost alive."

Leon Battista Alberti

"For me, painting is a way to forget life. It is a cry in the night, a strangled laugh."

Georges Rouault

"One learns about painting by looking at and imitating other painters."

Frank Stella

"Painting is the aesthetic side of the object but it has never been original, has never been its own goal."

Kazimir Malevich

"Painting becomes interesting when it becomes timeless."

Peter Doig

"The point of painting is not really deception or imitation."

A. S. Byatt

"Painting is a faith, and it imposes the duty to disregard public opinion."

Vincent Van Gogh

"Painting will have to deal more fully and less obliquely with life and nature’s phenomena before it can again become great."

Edward Hopper

"In painting you must give the idea of the true by means of the false."

Edgar Degas

"Painting is an essentially concrete art and can only consist of the representation of real and existing things."

Gustave Courbet

"Painting is a nail to which I fasten my ideas."

Georges Braque

"Painting from nature is not copying the object; it is realizing one’s sensations."

Paul Cezanne

"A good painting to me has always been like a friend. It keeps me company, comforts and inspires."

Hedy Lamarr

"Painting is by nature a luminous language."

Robert Delaunay

"Painting is a blind man’s profession. He paints not what he sees, but what he feels, what he tells himself about what he has seen."

Pablo Picasso

"Painting is not for me either decorative amusement, or the plastic invention of felt reality; it must be every time: invention, discovery, revelation."

Max Ernst

"Every painting is a voyage into a sacred harbour."

Giotto di Bondone

"The painting has a life of its own. I try to let it come through."

Jackson Pollock

"Painting is an infinitely minute part of my personality."

Salvador Dali

"Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do."

Edgar Degas

"Painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is."

Jackson Pollock

"Painting is concerned with all the 10 attributes of sight; which are: Darkness, Light, Solidity and Colour, Form and Position, Distance and Propinquity, Motion and Rest."

Leonardo da Vinci

"Painting is an illusion, a piece of magic, so what you see is not what you see."

Philip Guston

"Good painting is like good cooking; it can be tasted, but not explained."

Maurice de Vlaminck

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