Small Quotes and Sayings

Here you can find the best collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous  Small quotes and  Small sayings, and  Small proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

"Getting to places like Bangkok or Singapore was a hell of a sweat. But when you got there it was the back of beyond. It was just a series of small tin sheds. "

David Attenborough

"To suggest that God specifically created a worm to torture small African children is blasphemy as far as I can see. The Archbishop of Canterbury doesn’t believe that. "

David Attenborough

"Small projects need much more help than great. "

Dante Alighieri

"Being a white South African, I enjoyed the better things that that country gave to a small percentage of its population. "

Dave Matthews

"We’ve never played at this place before. This place is big, and I’m kinda nervous, so we’re going to make it feel small by pretending we’re in a… bedroom. We’ll hang off the edge of the bed, take off our shoes and get naked! "

Dave Matthews

"The only black battalion on Iwo Jima was a small munitions supply unit that came to the beach."

Clint Eastwood

"I joined a small but growing post-Trotskyite Luxembourgist sect."

Christopher Hitchens

"When I look back on what I did for the Left, I’m in a small way quite proud of some of it – I only wish I’d done more."

Christopher Hitchens

"You know, you can make a small mistake in language or etiquette in Britain, or you could when I was younger, and really be made to feel it, and it’s the flick of a lash, but it would sting, and especially at school where there’s not much privacy, and so on. You could, yes, undoubtedly be made to feel crushed."

Christopher Hitchens

"That sort of half sigh, which, accompanied by two or three slight nods of the head, is pity’s small change in general society. "

Charles Dickens

"Friendship is an arrangement by which we undertake to exchange small favors for big ones."

Charles de Montesquieu

"For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love. "

Carl Sagan

"The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena. "

Carl Sagan

"Most bands don’t work out. A small unit democracy is very, very difficult. Very, very difficult."

Bruce Springsteen

"Most bands don’t work out. A small unit democracy is very, very difficult."

Bruce Springsteen

"I carry a small sheet of paper in my wallet that has written on it the names of people whose opinions of me matter. To be on that list, you have to love me for my strengths and struggles."

Brene Brown

"The sensitivity of men to small matters, and their indifference to great ones, indicates a strange inversion."

Blaise Pascal

"We need an energy revolution by breaking our dependence on fossil fuels, polluting fuels… I am very, very confident our small state will lead this. We will be noticed by the country and the world."

Bernie Sanders

"Most people return small favors, acknowledge medium ones and repay greater ones – with ingratitude."

Benjamin Franklin

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